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Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery 

What is functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)? 

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is a minimally invasive technique performed to improve ventilation of the sinus. The surgery is performed using nasal endoscopes to widen the paranasal sinus nasal pathways.

Functional Endoscopic Surgery is usually necessary when medicine has failed to cure or improve chronic sinusitis.

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How to perform Endoscopic Sinus Surgery? 


Step 1

An endoscope (thin, flexible, lighted viewing instrument) is inserted into the sinus enabling the doctor inside view of the sinuses.

Step 2

Surgical instruments are inserted inside the sinuses alongside the endoscope. This allows the doctor to remove small amount of bones, or other material blocking the sinus openings and remove growths (polyps) of the mucous membrane.

In some cases, laser is also used to buzz the tissue blocking the sinus opening. 


Step 3

Patient has to rinse their sinuses and follow up regularly


How Long Does the Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Procedure Take? 


Depends on the complexity of the surgery. Ranges from 30 mins for simple single sinus cases to 4 hours for more complex procedures.

What should you expect? 

Minor discomfort and bleeding are common during fisrt 2 weeks after the surgery is performed.

You should visit us weekly once to have dried mucous or blood clots removed.

Edoscopic Sinus Surgery

Is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery painful? How do they perform it? – Dr. Gaurav Medikeri 

Endoscopic sinus surgery is not a painful condition. We have performed many extensive procedures on the nose without much pain. Pain is usually minimal and controllable with medication. The procedure involves inserting a 4 mm telescope into the nose and operating with certain instruments inside where we open all the paranasal sinuses and make them open for drainages and washes.


What is the recovery time post Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery? – Dr. Gaurav Medikeri

Recovery time depends the type of procedure that has been performed.
A simple endoscopic sinus surgery would take about 2 to 3 weeks for the sinus cavities to heal completely.
But in terms of post-operative times the patient is back on their feet on the same day. They can go back to work within about 2 or 3 days of surgery.
Whereas if a more extensive surgery like a lothrops is performed the healing time is about 4 to 5 months for the sinus cavity, but still the patient will be back on the feet on the same day and they can go to work within about 4 or 5 days.

Do’s and Don’t after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

1. Take Prescribed Medication:

Post endoscopic sinus surgery the patient will be put on a certain set of medications, which they have to take for about 7 days to 10 days.

2. Wash Your Sinus Cavities Thoroughly.

The most important things after an endoscopic sinus surgery would be to wash their sinus cavities thoroughly because during the surgery and after the surgery, there will be small capillaries which will ooze into the sinuses. This will create clots within the sinus which will be washed put to allow better breathing for the patient.

3. Do Not Drink Alcohol

Things that the patient should not do is to drink alcohol because it induces more bleeding into the sinuses.

4. Do Not Have Spicy Food

To have more spicy food because they are already on certain medications which can induce gastritis.

5. Do Not Blow your Nose Heavily:

The patient should not blow their nose heavily because that can increase the amount of bleeding.

6. Regular Follow up If Required

Most patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery are the ones who have allergy problems. So they require long term follow up even after surgery to inspect their sinus cavities and to make sure that their disease is under control.

Take a Look at our successful surgeries

At Medikeri’s ENT Super Speciality Center, we treat conditions such as complex disorders of the nose and sinuses such as sinus tumors, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, recurrent nasal polyps and complicated chronic sinusitis (i.e., sinusitis associated with cystic fibrosis, auto-immune disease, immune deficiency and damage from prior surgery). 

Nasastent results – 15 days post endoscopic sinus surgery

This is a case of bilateral comprehensive endoscopic sinus surgery done for a case of eosinophilic CRS wherein the middle turbinates were stabilized with NASAL STENTS to maintain the access to sinonasal corridoor. 15 days later they were removed & a beautiful mucosalized cavity was seen with all sinuses being wide open & the corridoor being open too. Floppy middle turbinates prevent access to topical steroid medication in the nose which can defeat the purpose of surgery itself. This is one of the ways to keep the cavity widely patent & prevent adhesions.







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